Floor 3 Right

At Alpha Residence only construction materials and equipment with the highest quality standards are used. If comfort and well-being are important, what about the confidence and security you seek for the longevity of your home?

This apartment will have access to the common roof area with a size of 132,63m2, for private use, where you will have jacuzzi and ample leisure space.

In this aspect nothing is left to chance. All the materials and equipment are of reference brands, guaranteeing a quality to all the proof.

The kitchen can be opened or closed (optional)

Maximum quality, design of excellence and total guarantee, this is our commitment

Total area

1. Living and Dining room
2. Kitchen
3. Storeroom
4. Bedroom
5. Bedroom
6. Bedroom
7. Bathroom
8. Bathroom
9. Bathroom
10. Balcony
11. Balcony
12. Balcony
151,10 m²
54,10 m²

32,20 m²
19,90 m²
1,70 m²
16,50 m²
13,90 m²
19,10 m²
2,10 m²
4,00 m²
5,30 m²
15,90 m²
33,50 m²
4,70 m²